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Unitex is a corporate partner of Jawonio’s Community Employment Services and currently employs nineteen workers with disabilities, most of whom work at their Mount Vernon location, with a few individuals placed at their Newburgh location. In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), Jawonio wants to highlight Unitex and thank them for providing excellent job opportunities for workers with disabilities!

Four Unitex employees, Debra Carter, Rafaelito DelRosario, Jorge Laseria and Richard Rivera all just celebrated their three-year anniversary at Unitex. They were recognized with all other Unitex employees who were celebrating an anniversary. Debra, Rafaelito, Jorge, and Richard are pictured here, proudly displaying their anniversary gift bags.


David Pucciarelli, Unitex Chief Engineer, shared his thoughts with us about these special workers:
“Debra, Rafaelito, Richard, and Jorge, as well as all our other employees with disabilities at Unitex, do a wonderful job. Debra, Rafaelito, and Richard do a great job in keeping their departments clean and safe for all of the production employees. They also assist production in removing any debris that may impede the performance of the operators.”
He went on to explain that Jorge does very well operating a piece of equipment called the cart washer: “He feeds carts that return from the customers into this machine. The machine washes and cleans the carts so they can be reused to deliver clean linen back to the customers. Jorge’s attention to detail is great–he makes sure every container is completely clean.”

Pucciarelli added, “We at Unitex are happy and pleased we can employ such a great bunch of people. It is rewarding for us to teach a skill to people and then with a little help and coaching, watch that person succeed that their job.”image2

richard-rivera-3-years_George Jackson is a production specialist with Jawonio. He provides job coaching to the workers referred by Jawonio and those placed at Unitex. Jackson ensures that the workers have on site support systems so they can perform well at their jobs.

“Unitex has been an excellent partner to work with throughout the years. Their staff are very obliging and understand the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and they try to place them in positions where they can strive and be productive,” says Tommie Banks, Director of Cleaning Services and Social Enterprises.

Thank you again Unitex, for supporting National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and supporting all members of the Jawonio community.