Cerebral Palsy of NYS

The New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies (NYSACRA) is a grassroots organization comprised of 200 voluntary agencies which provide services to people with developmental disabilities.

We are the largest association of this kind in New York State. With our membership as our greatest strength, NYSACRA presents a unified and forceful image when advocating for services, funding and policy.

Our Vision Statement:

NYSACRA is a catalyst and leading advocate for public policies and practices that champion the rights, needs and desires of people with disabilities in New York State.

Our Mission Statement:

NYSACRA represents the collective voice of its members in promoting public policy, public understanding and community action and is dedicated to the full participation of persons with disabilities in our communities of New York State.

NYSACRA acts as a resource to provide services, advocacy, information, technical assistance, education and collaboration and networking experiences to our members. We promote a viable service environment that offers quality community living opportunities and supports to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Each winter NYSACRA members converge o­n the state legislature to educate elected officials o­n the impact of the proposed budget as part of our annual Legislative Day.

Early Spring finds much of the NYSACRA membership at our Annual Conference. It is a time to share current information and renew old ties. Throughout the year we present a Continuing Education Program to enhance subjects from the April conference and to introduce new topics. This year the program includes: Managed Care, Aging Issues: Women’s Health, Spirituality, Death & Dying and Environmental Design, Successful Management Techniques, The Employment Relationship and A Full Life After TBI. Additional topics are developed throughout the year as we respond to the needs of the membership and we offer special focus conferences o­n current issues such as Corporate Compliance.

NYSACRA members are actively involved in committee work as well as regional meetings. NYSACRA maintains several committees consisting of members from each of the six regions. The Steering Committee keeps us o­n the right path, as defined by our Strategic Plan. With the ever-changing regulations and budgets, the Policy Analysis Committee establishes proactive policy statements o­n federal and State issues; the Quality Committee assists in focusing the membership o­n quality improvement strategies and sharing of best practices; and the Housing Committee looks at various property, funding and housing related issues.

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