Half Day and Full Day Preschool

The Jawonio Preschool
Summer Education

A nurturing and enriching program dedicated to the diverse needs of all children 2.8 – 5 years. Through developmentally appropriate play experiences, we facilitate cognitive, social and physical growth and promote each child’s self esteem in a safe and nurturing environment. Program enrichment includes music, art, iPads, science and special events. Extended hours are available from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm to accommodate working families. Flexible schedules are available. Daily hot lunch and snacks are provided. All Jawonio preschool programs are licensed by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services and meets or exceeds all child care regulations.

For more information:
Evelyn Bautista-Miller, LMSW, SDA
Program Director, Education Services
845.708.2000 ext. 3255