The Jawonio Health Center

Psychology and Social Work

Staffed by licensed Social Workers and Psychologists, Jawonio’s Mental Health Department provides individual, group and collateral counseling as well as assessments such as IQ and Adaptive testing. Read More »

Primary Care

Medical care is provided at our New City campus by our team of highly trained physicians, a nurse practitioner and a midwife who have trained and worked with special needs populations. We accept patients 14 years and older for our clinics, except for psychiatry, which accepts patients 18 years and older. Read More »


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Outpatient Therapy

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Dental Care

Dental Services are available in a warm and welcoming environment for children (over 5 years of age) and adults in a modern dental clinic. Read More »

Audiology Clinic

Our licensed and professional Audiologists provide a full range of diagnostic hearing tests for people of all ages to determine the type, severity and configuration of an individual’s hearing loss. Services are available to all members of the community. Read More »


Psychiatric services are provided to individuals, age 18 years and older, by established psychiatrists with expertise in treating special populations. They possess a keen awareness of the complicated medical conditions presented by the individuals they see and take that into consideration when prescribing medications. Read More »