Ages 0-3

Infant Development Program

Services: Birth-3 years
Jawonio Location:
Senator Thomas P. Morahan Early Intervention Services Center (New City Location)
Provides early intervention, evaluation and treatment services through in-home and center-based models in individual and group settings. We provide services for infants with disabilities such as developmental delay, spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, seizure disorders, hearing & neurological impairments and the effects of substance abuse. Jawonio’s renowned therapeutic services include: Special Education, Audiology, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Psychology, Feeding and Adaptive Equipment.

Eligibility for Early Intervention Services is through the Rockland County Department of Health.

For more information:
Joan Maurer
845.708.2000 x1315


Jawonio Early Childhood Education Center

If you are seeking a warm, caring, safe and nurturing environment for your 18 month old to five year old, then Jawonio is the place for you. With our outstanding dedicated compassionate and professional staff, each child and each family that comes to us, becomes part of our Jawonio family. So, welcome to our children’s services page and let us know how we can help and support you and your loved ones.

Playing and Learning Together Preschool

A nurturing and enriching program dedicated to the diverse needs of all children 18 months to 5 years. Through developmentally appropriate play experiences, we facilitate cognitive, social and physical growth and promote each child’s self esteem in a safe and nurturing environment. Program enrichment includes music, art, iPads, science and special events. Extended hours are available to accommodate working families or those in need of childcare. Flexible schedules are available. Daily hot lunch and snacks are provided. Playing and Learning Together Early Childhood Program is licensed by the NYS Office of Child and Family Services and meets or exceeds all child care regulations.

For more information:
Gail Nachimson
845.708.2000 x3255