Age Related Services

Ages 0-3

If you are seeking a warm, caring, safe and nurturing environment for your 18 month old to five year old, then Jawonio is the place for you. With our outstanding dedicated compassionate and professional staff, each child and each family that comes to us, becomes part of our Jawonio family. So, welcome to our children's services page and let us know how we can help and support you and your loved ones. Read More »

Ages 3-5

A nurturing and enriching program dedicated to the diverse needs of all children 18 months to 5 years. Through developmentally appropriate play experiences, we facilitate cognitive, social and physical growth and promote each child’s self esteem in a safe and nurturing environment. Read More »

Ages 5-12*

Jawonio School Age Care - Outstanding, Compassionate, Safe and Welcoming After School care for children ages 5-11 with and without disabilities. Read More »

Ages 12-19

Transition Planning Read More »

Ages 5-21

Summer Education Program, School-Based or Outpatient Services & Transition Planning Read More »