For Families of Adults

Community Living Services

Jawonio Community Residences are warm and caring homes around Rockland County including houses, apartments and condominiums. Each home fosters increased independent living skills for people with disabilities. Read More »

Day Services

Offers individuals with developmental disabilities a part-time person-centered day program which facilitates life skills through the community and center-based activities combined with part-time pre-vocational/work program in contract and other "mini-business" activities. Read More »

Strategic Integration

Jawonio Service Coordinators are located throughout our New York locations. They oversee all services provided for children and adults who have a developmental disability Read More »

Employment/Vocational Services

Job Development and Job Hire Services Read More »

Behavioral Health Services

"PROS" Program offering wellness and recovery services in a strength-based program Read More »

The Jawonio Health Center

Read More »

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

The participant and/or family selects and works with the chosen employee(s) to ensure that the services needed and desired are provided in a manner consistent with the expectations of the participant. Read More »

Developmental Disability Services

Developmental Disability Services require eligibility first. The easiest way to determine your loved one's eligibility for dd services is through the Hudson Valley Developmental Disabilities Regional Office. Read More »