Strategic Integration

Division Director: Jane Mullin
845.708.2000 x5243

Addresses the current and future needs of individuals, both children and adults, and their circles of support that are, or will be, seeking supports, services and assistance at Jawonio. This department reflects the wave of the future of service provision to persons, across their lifespan, meeting current needs and desires and planning ahead for their future well-being as well as those who love and support them. Services include Medicaid Service Coordination, Care Management and Care Coordination, Intensive Behavioral Supports, Mobile Crisis Team for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, family support programs and assistance and a central point of entry to guide and assist in accessing the most needed and appropriate services, both from within Jawonio and in community based forums, from housing and entitlements to psychosocial and medically based providers and beyond.

Community Care Response Team

Support for OPWDD eligible individuals with developmental disabilities and their families who live at home and are experiencing a behavioral crisis requiring an immediate response during weekend hours. Hotline # : 1.877.841.7916 (Fridays starting at 6pm thru 6 am on Monday)

Medicaid Service Coordination

Program Director: Yves La Touche
845.708.2000 x2356

Supervisor: Marissa Nardis (Westchester)

Services provided for children and adults who have a developmental disability; have or are eligible for Medicaid; reside either independently or with their family; or in a family care or group home. Services and referrals include: residential placement, in-home or out-of-home day or overnight respite, medical and recreational services, educational supports, vocational services, psychological services, environmental and adaptive equipment needs and in-home assistance to teach and reinforce an individual’s academic or other therapeutic needs.

Care Management

Program Director, Care Management Services
845.708.2000 x2365

Services available to Medicaid recipients with chronic medical and behavioral health needs. Participants will be connected with a Care Manager. Care Managers are trained professionals who will assist participants in obtaining services and resources to keep them safe, healthy and avoid emergencies.