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Our Building for Tomorrow project will be the embodiment of our mission in building lives toward independence. Our new campus will allow us to be fully immersed and embedded in the lives of our children adults and their families warmly wrapping all care components around them. In providing our uniquely personalized services we will soon be able to offer quality supports in a manner and location that is welcoming and suitable for everyone throughout the communities we serve.

About the Project

With a project cost of $18 million dollars, our strategic plan and support for the project has been met with success at both the local and state levels. We have received more than $3 million dollars from Governor Cuomo and his Economic Development Council thus far. Thank you to the Town of Clarkstown for their support, having approved all of our site and design plans.v Internally, we have secured funding that will be accessible giving us borrowing power. We sold our Jawonio TECH building in New Hempstead to increase our resources for the project as well. Our employees from the TECH building will be joining our New City staff once the new building is completed. Our plans are to break ground and build our new "Camp Jawonio" (Summer Education Program) first, then complete our new main building with a move in date in late 2018 or early 2019.
Future Jawonio Campus including new Summer Education ("Camp Jawonio") facilities

We Need Your Help

Imagine the powerful message we would send to our community with the participation of our generous community and Jawonio Family. Let’s do our part. Together, you can ensure a future for generations of Jawonio children and families to support them on their road to independence. Please consider joining us on this journey.

Right now, we are facing enormous challenges and opportunities that require our friends, supporters, businesses, foundations and other sources to create a philanthropic partnership of historic proportions! With almost all of our current buildings in 80% disrepair, we are poised to transform the “old Jawonio” into our “Building for Tomorrow”. More information about the project is found here (click for PDF)

Join us in Partnership


Since 1947, Jawonio has been a place where miracles happen every day. You and your family may know a child, loved one, colleague or neighbor whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to Jawonio. Imagine being that family or loved one whose Jawonio journey includes: witnessing your child take their first steps; watching your teenager move from their wheelchair into the pool; interview for a job in the community; begin the road to recovery from mental health challenges; enjoy life in a group home; receiving quality therapies and medical care from our compassionate clinicians. This is what we do. This is who we are.
For an information session and tour, or to consider a transformation gift for our children, adults and families with special needs, please contact:
Diana Hess
Chief Development Officer

We are grateful for your consideration in advance.