Management Team

Jill  A. Warner, LCSW

Executive Director/CEO
845.708.2000 x1305

Matthew Shelley

Chief Program Officer
845.708.2000 x1382

Joseph Bloss

Chief Business Officer
845.708.2000 x1224

Carol Camenisch

Corporate Compliance Officer
845.708.2000 x1481

Donna Ouimette

Director of Human Resources
845.708.2000 x1213

Diana Hess

Chief Communications Officer
845.708.2000 x1214

Jane Mullin

Division Director, Care Coordination
845.708.2000 x5243

Sheri Muth

Rockland and Westchester Div. Director,
Employment & Day Services (adults)
845.708.2000 x2220

Carin Shapiro, MD

Jawonio Health Center, Rockland
845.708.2000 x1340

Jerry Staller

Division Director,
Education & Clinical Services (Children’s Services)
845.708.2000 x3256

Dr. Joseph Zweig

Director, Jawonio PROS Program/Behavioral Health Services
845.708.2000 x2300