Lifespan Services For People With Special Needs


Join Jawonio and the #bFair2DirectCare movement.  

Make your voice heard. Advocate for fair wages for Direct Support Professionals!

People with disabilities across NY State depend on Direct Care Workers to provide critical services. Children with disabilities and special needs depend upon Special Education Teachers and Teacher’s Aides 

We are urging Governor Cuomo to support adding $45M into the budget each year for the next 6 years, to provide for appropriate pay for Direct Care Workers.

We are also asking the Governor to support an additional $18 million dollars to the budget to provide appropriate pay for Teachers and Teacher’s Aides who provide critical services to special needs children.

Join Jawonio and the #bFair2DirectCare movement!

Go to our #bFair2DirectCare page for more information and to fill out the online petition.  Click HERE 

Thank you for your support!

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Jawonio is the premiere provider of lifespan services in New York’s Hudson Valley for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges and chronic medical needs.

For almost 70 years, Jawonio has provided award-winning, integrated and innovative lifespan services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges and chronic medical special needs throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley Region of New York State. Over the past decade, Jawonio has expanded it’s unique and individualized services to Orange County as well.

Currently, plans for a new revitalized campus are underway.  Our regional facility will allow our staff (more than 1000 dedicated employees, professional staff and clinicians)  to provide the best highly personalized, quality, individualized and holistic services in this new healthcare era to our most vulnerable and underserved populations including our  veterans and the underemployed.

We invite you and your friends and family to explore our website, take a tour with us (call 845.708.2000 x1332 for appointment)  and learn more about our culture of caring and dedication to service excellence.

We hope that will provide you and your family with answers to your questions, resources and coordinated care for your loved ones with special needs and most importantly, opportunities to foster growth and independence throughout the communities we serve. After all, “Jawonio” is the Native American word for  independence, and we’re proud to have helped facilitate just that in the people we offer our support and services. If you are “social” we are too! Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Thank you.